Take a look at some of our collaborative projects


In August 2009 Jon Balke composer / musician and Tone Myskja video / visual artist moved with their two children to an abandoned farm with 60 acre plot at Fall by Randsfjorden in Søndre land Commune, Oppland. The farm is located on the west facing great views of Randsfjorden and Jotunheimen. The old house is now restored and developed with two units in solid wood. We have invested in a woodchip boiler system with hot-water heating to the house. The woodchip boiler uses wood from our own forest. The house has been restored and developed in collaboration with the architect Michael Øvergaard, Norsk Massivtre AS and Energigården at Brandbu.

Thank you to all good friends and colleagues who has helped us restore and are still helping us to develope Madstun.


For five years we have now completed the Woodsculpture project in Søndre Land, with good reviews and response both locally and nationally. The sculpture has become an important element in Søndre Land’s new festival “Tid for Tømmer/Time for Timber”. Søndre land is a municipality with a strong timber working history and forestry tradition. The basic idea is to invite an artist, designer or architect to make a large sculpture based on wood as a building material.
Local wood producers contribute with the wood. The sculpture is being built by the artists in collaboration with Madstun AS.
The sculpture has an official opening at the first day of “Tid for Tømmer” and stands as a landmark during the summer.

The project is supported by Oppland Fylkeskommune, Norsk Kulturråd, Sølve AS, Pål Odnæs/ Øvre Falll gård


The artist Peder Istad was invited to make a ice-sculpture at Madstun, January 2018.
He collaborated with Marius Engan Johansen and Oskar Gustafson. Peder Istad is artist in residence at Madstun and concluded his visit with an event inaugurating his sculpture “FRAGILE” with video projections by Tone Myskja and music by Jon Balke


We have just installed solar panels on the roof of the two new studios that will be finished this spring 2019. We have a solar heating system, which takes over the heating job from the woodchip boiler when the sun starts to shine. We are monitoring the development in how these two technologies work together, and it looks very promising. This year we have optimised the wood chip feeding system, with a new silo and stoker mechanism. 

Fjordflyt 2013 - 2019

Saturday15th of June 2019 FjordFlyt will be held for the sixth time, and this year we promise a double concert with brilliant artists of international renown. FjordFlyt was started as a festival on the water, with a desire to create a new concert venue, in a beautiful setting on Randsfjorden. Jon Balke and Tone Myskja initiated the festival in 2013 but it is now a separate organisation run by a group of local volunteers including us at Madstun. The venue has now become an annual tradition that attracts musicians at a very high level. Good forces in the village are collaborating on the event: Kolbjørn Haug owner of the old Randsfjord ferry “Rand”, which acts as floating backstage; the concert is a part of the village festival Time For Timber; and local food suppliers promote the integrated musical picnic in Perlevika at Hov, Søndre Land. Floating art is made by Ingrunn Myrland.


FjordFlyt 2013:

Mattis Myrland “The grand trunk road”
Jørn Fodnestøl, Jon Balke,
Kristin Brynjulvsrud


FjordFlyt 2016:

Jarle Bernhoft – solo,
Ellen Andrea Wang with 
Hanna Paulsberg, Andreas Ulvo og Jon Balke and Erland Dahlen.


FjordFlyt 2014:

Ingrid Olava,



FjordFlyt 2017:

Susanne Sundfør - solo,
Hedvig Mollestad - trio


FjordFlyt 2015:

Mathias Eick og Elvira Nikolaisen,

Lucky Four


FjordFlyt 2018

Stein Torleif Bjella,


MOMBI - 2010 - 2012 - 2018 - ONE DAY FESTIVAL

MOMBI 2010, a one-day event at Madsestuen, one of the oldest settlements near Randsfjorden, Norway. Mombi 2010 is a series of outdoor experiences that seek to open up new rooms in breaking points between architecture, technology and art. Madsestuen (now called Madstun) is a historic settlement with ruins of early settlements, animal graves and remains of active use for many centuries. The place is newly cleared and cultivated, after having been abandoned since the early 1980s. In 2009, the old house was restored and rebuild with the new parts buildt in Massiwood panels.

Site specific work: Kari Steihaug - textile, Annar Bjørgli - sculptures, Kristoffer Myskja - sculptures, Inger Lise Hansen - video, Anders Vinjar - soundwork
Seminar on future architecture: passiv house versus massiv wood.
Kongolo Bros, Batagraf and a Woodchip cutter, mattisogjonas

Organisers are Jon Balke / Tone Myskja – MADSTUN,
Co-producer Vibeke Friis Knutzen

MOMBI 2012, a one-day outdoor event consisting of art, architecture, music, performance art and gastronomy.
Architectural installations from AHO May workshop used as a stage for the following:
AHO Team Tuba – The trio OSK
AHO stage for a cellist – Cellist Tanja Orning
AHO space poetry between birch trees – The poet Kristine Naess
AHO Large blue table – Performance Sigmund Skard / Mattias Cantzler
Workshop led by architects: Håkon Vigsnæs, Alessandra Kosberg
Site specific work:
Espen Brændsrød, sculpture, Anna Widèn, sculpture, Astrid Nondal, painting / sound Jon Balke
Architecture Children’s workshop: Dag Lindbråthen from Randsfjordmuseene.  Children get to participate in building houses with sticks, metal parts, glue gun etc..

Dans Les Arbres: Xavier Charles (FR) – clarinet, harmonica, Ivar Grydeland (N) –  guitar & banjo w/ preparations, sruti box, Christian Wallumrød (N) – prepared piano, harmonium, Ingar Zach (N) – bass drum, percussion

Ôsk: Oskar Yazan Mellemsether – vocal gitar, Heida Karine Jöhannesdöttir Mobeck – tuba, Siv Øyunn Kjenstad – drums,
Vegard Edvardsen – Gitar

Elin Gjerdet vocal/keyboard

Local gastronomy ved Svein Jøsendal

MOMBI 2018, a one day event at Madstun.

Mombi 2018 will be a combination of music workshop / concert, performance and food culture.
We are so fortunate to be visited by the Basque duo Ttukunak, which consists of the sisters Maika and Sara Gomez. They play on an instrument called Txalaparte, which consists of wooden logs laid on bows. The Norwegian percussion group Batagraf will collaborate with TTukunak and Sudesh Adhana and perform a concert in the forest at Madstun. Together with the Indian dancer Sudesh Adhana, they will create a unique experience between the trees.

At the same time, after the concert, we organize a new food tasting experience with Zoe Christiansen, The Northern Company, based on seaweed as an ingredient in combination with mushrooms, berries and other local ingredients.

Supported by Norsk Kulturråd, Oppland fylkeskommune, Bioland, Norsk Massivtre AS Energigården.

Mombi 2012 with AHO Masters

Mombi 2010

Artist in residency

Madstun now also offer residencies or invite artists to stay and work.

Fiona Crisp at Madstun

Fiona Crisp at Madstun

Artists 2015:

Pedram Khavarzamini
Fiona Crisp
Brita Skybak
Trondheim Voices

Anna Widén and Tone Myskja

Anna Widén and Tone Myskja

Artists 2018:

Peder Istad
Anna Widén
Sudesh Adhana /Ttukunak
(Maika og Sara Gomez)
Zoe Christiansen / Northern Company
Pedram Khavarzamini
Cina Espejord, Melissa Hughes og Bjarte Eike

Carl von Weiler and Jon Balke

Carl von Weiler and Jon Balke


Daniel Herskedal Trio
Carl von Weiler
Kamilya Jubran/Werner Hasler
Kari Steihaug




Jøkleba edit sessions
Beranek sessions
Siwan recordings
NMH Master sessions

Pedram Khavarzamini, TOMBAK workshop

Pedram Khavarzamini, TOMBAK workshop


Helge Norbakken
Espen Beranek Holm
Erlend Leirdal
Bjarte Eike

Sissel Vera Pettersen

Sissel Vera Pettersen

And rehearsals

Siwan Sextet rehearsals
Batagraf rehearsals
Trondheim Voices / Batagraf
Sissel Vera Pettersen / Jon balke / Tone Myskja
Røst / Lillehammer Kunstmuseum rehearsals


Madstun now also arrange workshops and seminars.

Pedram Khavarzamini, TOMBAK workshop

Pedram Khavarzamini, TOMBAK workshop


Workshop with lovely favorite master Pedram Khavarzamini in Norway.
The Tombak workshop with Pedram is a yearly workshop. Email us on more details for further dates.

BÅK - performing at Vedvirvel LINGE&STUB

BÅK - performing at Vedvirvel LINGE&STUB

BÅK seminar:

BÅK is a choir with visual artist performing at different art related venues. The artist and composer Kristina Bræin is the conductor of BÅK and the choir is now rehearsing on newly written requiem.

MBALAX percussion workshop

MBALAX percussion workshop


Three days of intensive studies in the poly-rhythmical universe of Wolof music . Norwegian professionals at school led by master drummer Baboucar Camara.

NMH Master sessions

NMH Master sessions

NMH Masters workshop

Workshop with a group of master students with the mission to create a work of “music in perspective”.

Barokksolistene workshop

Barokksolistene workshop


In training for the Alehouse program, Bjarte Eike collected his soldiers for high level training and culinary excursions at Madstun in a three day period in the autumn-colored hills of Søndre Land.

Trondheim Voices

Trondheim Voices

Trondheim Voices

Madstun will be invaded by singers and drummers for intense days of rehearsals for a new version of On Anodyne, Jon Balke´s composition based on the poem Anodyne by Yusuf Komuniyakaa. 

 The Barn recycled I

The barn recycled II