Madstun is a meeting place for innovative and interdisciplinary work in the arts, environmental technology and idea development.

Summer at Madstun

Summer at Madstun


MADSTUN, is an interdisciplinary venue for experience, focus, inspiration and production. The estate is situated on the hill above Randsfjorden lake with panorama view of the Synnfjell mountains. The property is constructed and accomodated for group processes like workshops, seminars, recordings and creative teamwork of all kinds.

Surrounded by forestry on all sides , the 60 acres property assures calm and consentration in the workprocess, although local shops and communities are close by.

Madstun is open for users in shorter or longer periods, and adapts to needs in terms of catering, cleaning and external services. Close by is the abandoned furniture factory in Hov with access to large spaces at low prices. Hov church has an exellent Steinway C piano.  Audio equipment for recordings can be organized locally or from Oslo based studios.

Locally produced organic food can be arranged.

We have solarpanels on the roof of the new studios

We have solarpanels on the roof of the new studios


The site functions as a ecolab, with heating based on sun and wood chip energy power. Our two new studios (2018) has solar panels on the roof. We are aiming for our own ecopower plant and cooperating with bio-energy expertice in further developments of the concept. The buildings are constructed with use of traditional and new wood building tecnologies like massive wood, cogged timber etc.

We have now 3 studios and a bathhouse

We have now 3 studios and a bathhouse


The main house include sleeping for 6 persons (3 rooms), with 2 bathrooms, large kitchen, library and media room.  Two new small studios that can accommodate 4 persons. New bathhouse with toilet and shower will be finished spring 2019.

Main building :  25 m2 studio room, high ceiling, 20 m2 kitchen, library, 2 bathrooms , 1 large bedroom w mezzanine and office  desk , plus 2 smaller  bedrooms.

Big studio building: 48 m2 open large wooden room, w kitchen desk. Mezzanine w 3 beds.

2 small studios, each 25m2 working space with worktable and double bed.

Bathhouse 30 m2 with shower, toilet, storage.

Garage: 28 m2 workspace + technical room for heating system

High speed wireless internet.


The team also includes all the artists, friends, craftsmen/women, volunteers, local community, cultural funding ++ who have been, and continue to participate and support us developing Madstun. And of course our beautiful and hardworking daughters Ellinor and Jennifer.


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Tone Myskja


Fus Ronaldo