Tori Wraanes

MADSProsjekt Tori Wraanes

Sist uke gjorde Tori Wrånes en performance i Disney Consert Hall Parkinsstructure. Maya Bastian som Tori stilte ut med i Colombo i februar, kom til Los Angeles for å filme performancen. Her kommer en ny og lengre versjon av performancen redigert av Julie Prichard.

… a whole mythical world was created in that parking structure that was completely unexpected, yet totally at home in those environs. The gestures were as light as air, but the makeshift noice opera as a whole took root deep in the body and lit up the mind’s eye as far as it could see. – Carol Cheh, Another Richerous travel, performance in the LA Art Scene. SPIN ECHO, Walt Disney Consert Hall/REDCAT parkingstructure 2012

SPIN ECHO Tori Wrånes, LAXART, Disney Consert Hall/redcat parkingstructure. Filmed and edited by Maya Bastian.

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